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Emam Ali Rehabilitation Complex

Emam Ali rehabilitation complex

With 50-year-old activity. This complex is responsible for rehabilitee and keep 300 girls with severe mental and physical disabilities that most of them have no family. Girls’ all personal affairs were done by 207 persons include nurses, doctors, paramedical, psychologist,… also we have no government funds to do this . All the costs was supplied by N.A.G ngo And some righteous people and companies.Address: Imam ali rehabilitation complex, tavan bakhshi street, ozgol street, nirooye zamini bolivar, mini city, Tehran, Iran  Need of complex:

  1.  Some professional and medical needs :Include doctors’ and paramedics’ voluntary services, supplying medical supplies and medicines.
  2. General needs :Include righteous people’s services for supporting and keeping girls, supplying any kind of foods, clouds, bed sheets, hygiene, diaper, detergents, …

Special needs:The main problem of this complex is its building with 50 year old, unsuitable and old structure which can be destroyed easily even by slight earthquake, it causes to humanitarian catastrophe (tragedy). It should be noted in order to prevent adverse (bad) events , according to theory of Welfare state’s experts , we destroyed two active parts of old building for building new hospital that it causes crowded and nonsuit able residence for girls.

So it is very worthy, our urgent action to build new and suitable complex for girls of GOD.