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Shariati Rehabilitation & Training Complex

Which was started its activities since 1980 to train and to rehabilitee some girls with slight disabilities in space around 2850 square meter (six floor).

Address: Shariati rehabilitation complex, next to channel 2 of IRIB, end of Aalvand Street, argantin square, Tehran, Iran

Now a day we are teaching to 110 girls between 14-35 years old, they come to complex by free transportation in order to increase their social and profession abilities.

Units of complex:

Social works, psychology and evaluator, sewing workshop, carpet workshop, embroidery and handicrafts, Rhinestones…, Public participations, administrative and financial, services, warehouse and installations. Vocational training workshops:We are using expert trainers in order to increase their vocational ability and to learn social relations. We are trying to introduce girls with work tools and steps of learning in order to create home jobs or working in supported workshops.Welfare for girls:1-   Free transportation 2- Feeding contains breakfast and lunch 3- cash donations and  non-cash donations 4- to give loan (to lend ) for occupation after release 5- to organize daily and weekly camps 6- to organize various celebrations 7- to form vocal groups and theater in order to art therapy goals .